Thursday the 12th (2000)

Starring: Elizabeth McGovern, Jon Glover and Ciaran Hinds as Marius Bannister.
Synopsis: In "Thursday the 12th," four members of a family, each of whom wants another one dead, construct the means to kill in a new mystery thriller by award-winning writer Paula Milne ("Mad Love," "I Dreamed of Africa"). With a unique structure, the events of one fateful day, "Thursday the 12th," are told four times, with each account relating to a different family member's perspective. While the audience knows from the opening scene that someone in the family has been murdered, the identity of the murder victim, as well as the killer, is not revealed until the conclusion.

The action all takes place on "Thursday the 12th" when Marius Bannister, played by Ciaran Hinds ("Road to Perdition," "Mary Reilly") is due to hear about his political candidacy. Instead of the day ending in celebration, it ends with the murder of a family member. His wife Nina Bannister, played by Maria Doyle Kennedy ("The Commitments," "Queer as Folk"), is haunted by the past tragedy they share. She apparently supports her husband's political ambitions, but we discover she has her own secret, deadly agenda.

Nina's sister Candice Hopper, played by Elizabeth McGovern ("Ordinary People," "Ragtime," "The House of Mirth"), was Marius' fiancée before he eloped with Nina. Candace too has bitter ghosts to lay to rest. Martin Bannister, played by Jim Sturgess ("Other People's Children"), is Marius and Nina's adopted teenage son. Wayward and rebellious, he too has murder on his mind. His relationship with his grandfather Edgar Bannister, played by Peter Vaughan ("The Remains of the Day," "The French Lieutenant's Woman"), is his only fragile link with his family.

These are the four protagonists of "Thursday the 12th." One will die, but which one?