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Ciaran as Mr. Rochester, "Jane Eyre" 1994.
Year Title Role Co-Stars
1994 Poison Hearts Chris Dan Gordon, Marie Jones, Lalor Roddy
1994 Jane Eyre Mr. Rochester Sophie Thompson, Angela Down, John Duttine
1995 No Way Out
(Sartre's No Exit)
. Imogen Stubbs, Zoe Wanamaker
1995 Ibsens' A Doll House Torvald Helmer Janet McTeer, Alan Howard, John Shrapnel, Penny Downie
1997 A House
by the Sea
Anton Chekhov Julian Rhind-Tutt, Kate Buffery, Helena Bonham-Carter, John Carlisle
1998 Les Liaisons Dangereuses Valmont Lindsay Duncan
1998 Counterparts Narrator Breffni McKenna and Liam Hurricane
1998 A Little Cloud Narrator Michael Moloney and TP McKenna
2000 The Prince Niccolo Christopher Godwin and Philip Voss
2002 The Charterhouse of Parma . Paul Chahidi
2003 The Red Room
(includes Casting the Runes)
Narrator/Karswell and other parts .
2004 The Other Man The Other Man Anton Lesser, Stella Gonet
200? Hunting Pirate Heaven
(BBC's "Book of the Week" series)
Narrator .
? James Joyce's Dubliners: Clay Narrator .
? James Joyce's Dubliners: An Encounter Narrator .

Regarding "Casting the Runes":

Awesome Acting
When you're trying to scare people in sound, microphone technique is inevitably a sine qua non. Ciaran Hinds - already dead sexy in the flesh - (for those of you who have never forgotten Persuasion) is also possessed of a voice which modulates from the romantically charged to the downright demonic. In Casting of the Runes he plays both narrator and the evil Karswell who can't stand criticism. The closer he gets to the microphone the quicker you reach for the comfort blanket. As the series progresses his character gets darker and darker. As a listener you certainly won't want to spend any time with him alone. We even started avoiding him at lunch. I'm obviously not going to reveal the end of the series but suffice to say it involves two people, darkness and fear. And Ciaran manages to conjure your worst imaginings with worrying ease.