Q and A with Andrew Dan-Jumbo (abridged chat transcript)

June 10, 2003

Lori: Hi everyone.
Lori: Andrew's here
ADJ: Hello one and all, I am sure you must have something better to do on a Tuesday night, than talk to me!

Lori: From Michelle
Lori: You have good chemistry with Leslie and Teresa,
Lori: how is to work with Adrienne?
ADJ: It was hard for Adrienne to follow in Leslie's footsteps, but it was fun nevertheless...

Lori: from Huggs
Lori: Do you have a least favourite project and why?
ADJ: Yes, anything involving MDF ---- No seriously, I hate the iron-on edge banding as it takes forever to apply and there is never enough time on the show.

Lori: from Anne aka Daisy
Lori: Do you have a favourite tool? One that's easiest to work with?
ADJ: Yes, my trusty hammer, as it serves many purposes including a Chayse Dacoda deterrent!!!!!!!!!!

Lori: from Anne
Lori: How do you like all the hoopla?
ADJ: Hoopla, what hoopla? My life has always been this way, HAAAAA HHHHHAAA!

Lori: from Kitti
Lori: Which designer are you closest to?
ADJ: I think all the designers are amazing. However, there is one whose designs are the most challenging, and whose shows I ALWAYS enjoy and that would be John Bruce.

Lori: from Kelly
Lori: What was your dream career as a child?
ADJ: I wanted to be Willy Wonka, as I have a really sweet-tooth, and what better job than to be the CEO of a candy company.

Lori: from Teri
Lori: Do you have a favourite architectural style?
ADJ: I love anything from the early Art Deco period, and my favourite Architect is Frank Lloyd Wright.

Lori: from Courtney
Lori: Do you have a favourite band, music type and movie?
ADJ: The Doors. Jazz/Spacefunk. Shawshank Redemption.

Lori: from Brooke
Lori: What is your middle name
Lori: and the origin of your last name?
ADJ: Yes I have a middle name. It is Ibifiniwari. It was given to me by my Grandfather, and it means, "comes from a good home". Both my middle and last name are authentic Nigerian names.

Lori: from e-mail
Lori: Do you have any siblings and are you the oldest?
ADJ: Yes , I have a brother (Raymond) and a sister (Helen), and I am the youngest.

Lori: from e-mail
Lori: What is your favourite sport ? and who is your favourite team?
ADJ: I don't really play any sports, but I love to surf and jetski. In the future I plan to take flying lessons, in gliders "sailplanes". Washington Redskins.

Lori: from e-mail
Lori: Have you seen your commercial? and if so, what's your reaction?
ADJ: No, I have not seen it yet. I hear it is really cheesy...

Lori: from e-mail
Lori: Do you really do ALL the carpentry on the show
ADJ: It's all me baby!!!!!!!!

Lori: from e-mail
Lori: How long do you see yourself working for WYWO?
ADJ: Until it is no longer fun (about two more days) lol

Lori: from e-mail
Lori: What is SO important about sanding?
ADJ: It is all about the finish baby! No seriously, the finished product is very important to me.

Lori: from e-mail
Lori: Do you still have a ginger cat that reminds you of Tony Curtis in his younger days?
Lori: If so, who looks after him while you are away?
Lori: And how long does it take for him to forgive you when you get back?
ADJ: Yes, you mean Molson. He takes care of himself, he is very responsible. I left him my credit card and the keys to my truck. I don't think he misses me!

Lori: from e-mail
Lori: Do you have a say on what clothing you wear on the show
ADJ: Yes I do. I started out the season buying clothes from Target (as if you couldn't tell) but now I am mixing it up a bit. What do you think?

Lori: from e-mail
Lori: Are you married?
ADJ: No.

Lori: from e-mail
Lor: Any thoughts on being named one of People's 50 most Beautiful?
ADJ: Yes, many. What were they thinking? My brother is much better looking. lol It was an honor to be considered in the same category as the likes of Clooney and Pitt.

Lori: from Anne a.k.a. Daisy
Lori: Favourite part of the U.S.A. that you've worked in so far for WYWO?
ADJ: Yes, two. Charleston SC, it is a beautiful, historic city, and Atlanta, only because of a homeowner by the name of Eric Simmons. He was fantastic to work with.

Lori: from e-mail
Lori: Most fun aspect to new fame?
Lori: Least fun?
ADJ: Everyday is an adventure, as there is so much going on in my life now. The least favorite is that it takes longer to go shopping now, because of people recognizing me.

Lori: from e-mail
Lori: Do you have a cooking specialty
ADJ: I enjoy cooking any type of Thai food. (I love summer rolls)

Lori: from e-mail
Lori: Do you stay late on day one to get those projects finished on time?
ADJ: Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Did I say Yes!!!

Lori: from e-mail
Lori: After the Jazz Attic show,
Lori: did you and Stephen make peace?
ADJ: Yes we made peace. After I wrote him a check for $5k.

Lori: from e-mail
Lori: Fill in the blank
Lori: I can't live without _______?
ADJ: My cell phone.

Lori: from Yorkiemom
Lori: Do you have a favourite project?
ADJ: With 60 shows under my belt, that's a tough one to answer. I really enjoyed building the white capsule bar in the "Rodeo girls" episode.

Lori: from e-mail
Lori: Do you see yourself ever returning to England ?
ADJ: I am actually in a plane now talking to you with my laptop. lol

Lori: from Anne
Lori: Boxers or briefs?
ADJ: Boxer-briefs.(Calvin Klein)
ADJ: I save the thong for the beach. lol

Lori: from ooby dooby
Lori: Favourite thing about being on the show?
ADJ: I get to remodel someone's home for two days, and no matter how bad it turns out (Stephen Saint-Onge Jazz Room) there are no consequences.

Lori: from e-mail
Lori: With all the rumours out there,
Lori: have you ever heard one about yourself that you wish was true?
ADJ: Yes, I heard I make 2 million a year. It is just $1.5 million. lol

Lori: from e-mail
Lori: If you were to choose another profession from carpentry, what would it be?
ADJ: I am interested in being a God of some kind. lol Or maybe a Chippendales?

Lori: from e-mail
Lori: If you were offered a 6 week all expenses paid vacation
Lori: where would you go and why?
ADJ: Well, after stopping to see me Mum in England, I would go to Australia, as must of my friends have moved there and the surf/waves are awesome!
ADJ: Oops, most of my friends that is, sorry for the typo.

Lori: from e-mail
Lori: Has there been an unexpected benefit to your celebrity?
ADJ: Yes, everyone wants to buy me a drink now.

Lori: from e-mail
Lori: Do you have a favourite word or phrase?
ADJ: I do, but it is not fit for public consumption!

Lori: from e-mail
Lori: What sound or noise do you especially love or hate?
Anne-aka-Daisy: Chayse's voice?
ADJ: Anne, how did you guess?
ADJ: I hate the sound of candy wrappers in movie theatres

Lori: from e-mail
Lori: Do you now or have you ever played a musical instrument? If so, which one?
Lori: If you were to learn to play one now, which would you choose?
ADJ: I don't play any musical instruments, but one day I shall master the piano.

Lori: Andrew has to get going soon.
ADJ: Yes, I would like to make this a somewhat regular event, if I am not boring you too much......baby!
ADJ: You are all very welcome, I have enjoyed this a lot.
ADJ: I have got to go now, it is past my bedtime, and us TLC carpenters need our beauty sleep...
ADJ: Okay, everyone go to bed, I can't sleep with all this chatter
ADJ: Are you still here? Go home, it's over, sign-off!