News Archive June 11, 2004--September 4, 2004

September 4, 2004: Screencaps have been added to "The Affair" page. Two new photos from the premiere have been added to the "Veronica Guerin" page. A photo from the NYC opening of "Closer" has been added to the "Closer" page (accessed via the 'Theatre' page). The following films are now active on the 'Work' page: "Soldier, Soldier", "Mary Reilly", "Sherlock Holmes", "A Dark Adapted Eye", "Excalibur", "Prime Suspect 3" and "Some Mother's Son".

September 3, 2004: New photo added: from the London production of "Closer" 1997. Access via the 'Theatre' page.

September 1, 2004: I'm starting to work on the "Radio" page, a number of sound clips (wma files/Windows Media Player required) have been added.

"Inside a Terrorist Bombing", "Bible in Animation" and "The Man Who Cried" are now all available via 'The Work' page. I've also added new photos to the "Veronica Guerin", "Cold Lazarus" and "December Bride" pages. Check out the "Richard III" link on the 'Theatre' page for a new rehearsal photo.

August 30, 2004: "Mickybo & Me" placed third in voting for the Standard Life Audience Award (see below).

New monthly photo and poll have been added to the main page. Enjoy!

August 27, 2004: Following a close second behind Damien O'Donnell's INSIDE I'M DANCING, the NIFTC wishes Terry Loane, Mike McGeagh and the rest of the team the best of luck in the final voting for the award. The winner will be announced on Sunday. For daily updates as to who is in the lead go to: Source

August 22, 2004: A new photo of Ciaran as Firmin in the upcoming "Phantom of the Opera" can be found on the "Phantom" page, accessed via 'The Work'.

August 21, 2004: A page for Ciaran's 'lesser known' films has been created. See 'The Work' page for the link (ie "Our Boys", "The Dream Factory") and some interesting new information from a co-star!

August 18, 2004: "Hostages" is now activated on 'The Work' page.

August 15, 2004: A fan spotted Ciaran on the streets of Rome last all about it [HERE].

August 13, 2004: Lots of updates today. Check out the following pages for new photos and/or video: "Tomb Raider", "Getting Hurt", "We'll Support You Evermore", "Closer", "Titanic Town" and 'The Man' bio page.

August 11, 2004: Check out 'The Man' page for a new photo courtesy of Check out Kate's site for all the news on her latest books. And a special thanks to Claire for locating Kate's site and alerting fans.

It was also brought to my attention that Ciaran appeared in "Bent", the same season as "Krieg". This information has been added to the 'Theatre' page. Thanks to Malcolm Douglas for the addition.

August 10, 2004: "Oscar and Lucinda" has been added to the 'Work' page. More interviews added to the 'Interviews' page.

August 8, 2004: Access Hollywood had a brief preview of HBO's "Rome" on Friday. You can view a short clip [HERE]. Could it possibly be Ciaran at the end of it? Compare the capture with Ciaran's pose in Ivanhoe!? If anyone saw the entire story and has more details, please e-mail me. Thanks!

August 3, 2004: Check out the new page of Interviews....accessed via the menu on the main page.

Yahoo! news and Variety are reporting that episode 4 of HBO's "Rome" went into production on August 2nd. The show is now slated to be in production until February, 2005. Read all the details [HERE].

July 31, 2004: Take a holiday with the Calendar Girls! Ciaran pictured with Tricia Stewart (played by Helen Mirren in the film). [LINK]

July 29, 2004: reports, Frank Doelger has been brought in to take over the $70 million project, which like the similarly-themed "Empire" at ABC has seen its own share of production troubles. Shooting on the show's fourth installment of its 12-episode order has been delayed for the past three months, in part due to flooded sets in Bulgaria as well as budget issues. Production, which is primarily based in Rome's Cinecitta Studios, is set to resume next month. Doelger will take over for HBO senior VP Anne Thomopoulos who had been shepherding the project for the past eight months.

July 25, 2004: and Yahoo! news are reporting that production of HBO's "Rome" has been halted pending some retooling. Filming will resume in August, for the start of episode 4. [LINK]

July 22, 2004: "Cold Lazarus", "Between the Lines" and "Circle of Friends" are now activated on 'The Work' menu.

New photo added to the "Broken Morning" page.

July 20, 2004: "Titanic Town", "The Life of Stuff" and "December Bride" are now activated on 'The Work' menu.

July 14, 2004: The 'Audiobook' page is now available via "The Work" page.

July 13, 2004: The 'Radio Drama' page is now available via "The Work" page.

The Jane Austin Society of North America is holding its annual meeting in Los Angeles this year. The focus is "Persuasion" and guest speakers include Helen Fielding. Fielding is the author of the two "Bridget Jones" novels, the second of which paralleled the story of "Persusaion" as only Fielding can do! The film version is due out this November and stars Colin Firth and Renee Zellweger. For information on the Jane Austin Society: [LINK]

July 12, 2004: "Rome" resumes production in Italy this week after a brief hiatus. [LINK]

Site updates include the addition of Claire G's autographed photo to the FAQ page and the completion of the 'Theatre' page (accessed via "The Work" page).

July 2, 2004: Well, apparently Ciaran is NOT in Toronto! The Toronto Star has misidentified him. Oh well!

2 new photos from the PHANTOM trailer! See "The Phantom of the Opera" page.

From Claire at the Drool Board:
MICKYBO & ME selected for 2004 Edinburgh Film Festival
date posted: 25 June 2004

MICKYBO & ME, the latest film to be delivered from the NIFTCís 2003 slate has been selected for screening at this yearís Edinburgh International Film Festival in August. Written and directed by Belfastís Terry Loane and produced for Working Title Films by Mike McGeagh and Mark Huffam, the film will be shown at 6pm on 24 August 2004 as part of the International Festival.

Set in the summer of 1970, MICKYBO & ME is the tale of two boys from Belfast and their last summer of innocence. Inspired by the adventures of their screen heroes Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, the two boys embark on a journey of discovery that will shape their lives forever.

The filmís cast features a host of Northern Irelandís established screen talent including Adrian Dunbar, Ciaran Hinds and Susan Lynch, as well as international stars Julie Walters and Gina McKee. It also introduces Northern Irelandís newest acting talents, Niall Wright (12) as Jonjo and John Joe McNeill (11) who plays Mickybo.

June 28, 2004: Ciaran in Toronto? Yesterday's Toronto Star reported seeing Mr. Hinds dining at well known celeb hang out, Sassafraz, last Saturday with Anna Friel and beau David Thewlis!

Ciaran wins an Audie Award! [LINK]

June 26, 2004: View the "Phantom of the Opera" 'teaser' trailer HERE (QuickTime). New screencaps and short video clip added to the "Phantom" page!

June 24, 2004: "Entertainment Tonight" (syndicated) will be featuring "Phantom of the Opera" on tomorrow's show. For screen caps of tonight's 'coming soon', visit: EriksDomain.

June 21, 2004: "The Sum of All Fears" page is now ready. This can be accessed via 'The Work' link in the menu.

June 16, 2004: Robert David McDonald, co-director of the Glasgow's Citizens' Theatre, recently died. Read this article for a brief obituary and a mention of the many actors, including CH, whose careers he helped launch. [LINK]

June 15, 2004: 10 films are now available as links from 'The Work' page. "The Mayor of Casterbridge" has new screencaps and a small videoclip for download! Enjoy!

June 14, 2004: 'The Work' page is now operational, with a listing of film/television appearances. Each title will be linked to a new page with further far just "Tales from the Crypt" is ready. Theatre work will also be added soon.

June 11, 2004: Ciaran Hinds Online is slowly taking shape. Due to Ciaran's large body of work, the site is a huge undertaking and I don't want to do a 'quick' job. The site will endeavour to be as complete as possible, but also a source for all the 'latest news!'.

Finally some news of the upcoming "Jonjo Mickybo". The film has been retitled "Mickybo & Me" and is set for screenings at film festivals this fall, quickly followed by an international release date. The film had positive test screenings to non-Irish audiences in Australia this past March and more recently in England. For more information about the film: [On Location], [Extras], [Film Synopsis] and [Film Commission Update].

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