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September 20, 2004: For earlier news, please visit the archives below.

Lots of site updates! The Mahabharata page is now activated on 'The Work' menu. 'The Man' page is now a separate page, with a new Miscellaneous Gallery attached. If anyone has pictures to submit, please e-mail to: There are new pictures on the 'Theatre' page, just click on the London "Closer" link and "The Orphan" link to view. The new "Phantom of the Opera" poster has been added to its page, release dates for the film have been updated on the main index page and a better scan of Ciaran's masquerade costume is now available. A new photo from the cover of the novel has been added to the "December Bride" page. Two interviews from 2003 have been added to the "Interviews" page (thanks Brenda!). Enjoy!

June 4, 2004--September 4, 2004