The Lesser Known Films

Rules of Engagement (1995)

Synopsis: From Yorkshire Television, this failed television pilot centers around a national crime task force set up by the Home Office.
Starring: Frances Barber and Nigel Terry

Perfect Scoundrels (1992)

Episode 3.6: "The Goodbye Look" original airdate: May 30, 1992 (series finale)
Synopsis: A lighthearted look at the modern con game.
Starring: Peter Bowles, Bryan Murray, Pamela Salem, Saira Todd

The Long March (1984)

Synopsis: After ten years in England, Helen Walsh leaves her husband and returns to Belfast. Family, personal relations and politics are set against a background of "dirty" protests in the Maze prison.
Starring: Tony Doyle, Adrian Dunbar, James Ellis, Marcella Riordan

Our Boys (1981)

Synopsis: Cathal Black’s short docudrama combines fiction with interviews and archival footage - including that of the 1932 Eucharistic Congress in Dublin - to explore the painful topic of child abuse in a Christian Brothers boys school in the 1950’s. Constructing a tension between contemporary memory and historical fact, this devastating and controversial film – the first to launch a sustained attack on Irish Catholicism - explores the tradition of Christian Brothers education with its hardened emphasis on Catholic nationalism and the revival of the Irish language. This film was 'on the shelf' for 10 years. 40 mins. Available to view at UC San Diego (in library use only).
Starring: Mick Lally, Vinnie McCabe, Noel O'Donovan, Archie O'Sullivan

Practice Piece (in Four Movements) (1980)

Directed by Revel Fox (now primarily a commercial/advert director). This film was screened at the London Film Festival.

The Dream Factory (1980)

Synopsis: A scriptwriter falls asleep in a film studio and dreams of murder, when he awakes he sees the two characters from his dream. 9 mins.
Starring: Malcolm Douglas, Robert McNamara, Brian de Salvo
And this from Malcolm, "Ah The Dream Factory. First movie I ever appeared in and possibly Hinds as well. Sorry don't know what became of the guy who directed it. Written by Philip Davison who penned a wonderful book of Dublin-set short stories called 'The Bookthief's Heartbeat'. Guess who's photo, taken in Bewley's cafe, is on the cover? Yep. This short film resulted in both of us being offered parts in Boorman's 'Excalibur'. I had other commitments but for Ciaran the rest is history. Now there's a little nugget!"