Chat Transcript June 10, 2003

<Lori> Hi everyone

<Lori> Andrew's here

<Courtney> Hi

<Anne> Hi!

<Teri> hi

<kelly> hi

<Michelle D> Hello

<Anne-aka-Daisy> Hi

<lachanga> sup

<Lori> say hello

<Danish> Hi

<Brooke> Hey!

<Kaliee> hey

<Kitti> hi!

<JarJarJedi> Hidoe

<Kat> hey

<oobydooby> Hi

<angelhart65> hey

<Teri> hola

<lachanga> *squeals*

<Daniel Kent> hi

<Laurel> hello

<Courtney> hi

<Lori> he's typing

<Kitti> you are going to have to keep helping us Lori

<ADJ> Hello one and all, I am sure you must have something better to

do on a Tuesday night, then talk to me!

<Courtney> no way

<Laurel> ya I could've been folding laundry!

<angelhart65> No place i would rather be

<ali`> that's not true

<kelly> :)

<Courtney> or home work

<lachanga> no way ... it's all about you tonight

<Kitti> no

<Daniel Kent> I'm about to watch a video tape of While you were out.

<Lori> From Michelle

<Anne> :)

<Lori> you have good chemistry with Leslie and Teresa

<Teri> you're kidding right?

<Lori> how is to work with Adrienne?

<ADJ> It was hard for Adrienne to follow in Leslie's footsteps, but it was

fun nevertheless...

<Lori> from Huggs

<Lori> Do you have a least fav project and why?

<ADJ> Yes, anything involving MDF ---- No seriously, I hate the iron-on

edge banding as it takes forever to apply and there is never enough

time on the show.

<Lori> from Anne aka Daisy

<Lori> do you have a fav tool? easiest to work with?

<ADJ> Yes, my trusty hammer, as it serves many purposes including a

Chayse Dacoda deterrent!!!!!!!!!!

<Courtney> YES!

<Danish> lol

<Michelle D> lol

<Daniel Kent> I knew it!!

<Anne> LMAO

<JarJarJedi> lol

<Lori> from Anne

<Lori> how do you like all the hoopla?

<ADJ> Hoopla, what hoopla? My life has always been this way, HAAAAA


<Anne> lol

<Daniel Kent> lol

<ali`> lol

<kelly> lol

<Danish> riiight

<Lori> from Kitti

<Lori> Which designer are you closest to?

<Courtney> not Chayse LoL

<Daniel Kent> I say its Peter

<lachanga> JB

<Kaliee> jb

<kelly> is this a literal question

<lachanga> lol

<ADJ> I think all the designers are amazing. However, there is one

whose designs are the most challenging, and whose shows I

ALWAYS enjoy and that would be John Bruce.

<lachanga> =)

<Lori> from Kelly

<Lori> what was your dream career as a child

<ADJ> I wanted to be Willy Wonka, as I have a really sweet-tooth, and

what better job than to be the CEO of a candy company.

<kelly> lol

<Anne> lol

<Teri> cute!

<Michelle D> cute answer

<Kaliee> :)

<lachanga> silly Andrew

<Lori> from Teri

<Danish> very cute

<Courtney> man of my own heart

> he should build a room made of candy!

<Lori> do you have a favourite architectural style

<ADJ> I love anything from the early Artdeco period, and my favourite

Architect is Frank Lloyd Wright.

<kelly> oh neat

<Daniel Kent> I just saw that episode today!

<Lori> from Courtney

<Courtney> yay

<Teri> thanks for the answer Andrew :)

<Lori> do you have a favourite band, music type and movie?

<Courtney> If he says Bon Jovi i'll die

<kelly> lol

<lachanga> 70's soundtracks?

<lachanga> hee hee

<Danish> lol

<Courtney> SHAFT

<Courtney> lol

> *covers eyes*

<ADJ> The Doors. Jazz/Spacefunk. Shawshank Redemption.

<Anne> cool

<angelhart65> Shawshank is an amazing film

<Courtney> thats my fave too I love this MAn!

[Tue Jun 10 21:20:55 EDT 2003] delirium64: just me.

<ali`> <ali>it's vary long

<ali`> very

<Brooke> The Doors - those unmentionable things?

<Lori> from Brooke

<Brooke> lol

<Lori> what is your middle name

<Lori> and the origin of your last name?

<ADJ> Yes I have a middle name. It is Ibifiniwari. It was given to me by

my Grandfather, and it means, "comes from a good home" both my

middle and last name are authentic Nigerian names.s

<Lori> from e-mail: do you have any siblings and are you the oldest

<ADJ> Yes , I have a brother (Raymond) and a sister (Helen), and I am

the youngest.

<Lori> from e-mail: What is your favourite sport ? and who is your fav


<ADJ> I don't really play any sports, but I love to surf and jetski. In the

future I plan to take flying lessons, in gliders "sailplanes". Washington


<Lori> from e-mail

<Lori> have you seen your commercial? and if so what's your reaction?

<lachanga> lol

<Kitti> lol

<ADJ> No, I have not seen it yet. I hear it is really cheesy...

<Michelle D> in a good way

<kelly> lol

<Teri> I love cheese!

<Lori> from e-mail

<Lori> do you have a most embarassing moment from the show?

<ali`> what commerical?

<Courtney> Boxers!

<lachanga> =)

<Brooke> Come ON!

<angelhart65> loved the happy face boxers

<Lori> from e-mail

<ADJ> It's all me baby!!!!!!!!

<ali`> what?

<Lori> sorry question coming

<Danish> lol

<kelly> lol

[Tue Jun 10 21:30:50 EDT 2003] Jennie has no profile.

<Lori> do you really do ALL the carpentry on the show

<Courtney> what did u fall out of the boxers?

<Lori> and that was his answer

<Anne> lol

<Kitti> lol

<Lori> e-mail

<Lori> how long do you see yourself working for WYWO

<ADJ> Until it is no longer fun (about two more days)lol

<Danish> =

<Anne> lol

<Lori> from e-mail

<JarJarJedi> lol

<Lori> what is SO important about sanding

<angelhart65> Or until one of peter's water features rusts all your tools

<Jennie> how did he find out about this site? is it an offical site for him

or is he just aware of it

[Tue Jun 10 21:34:22 EDT 2003] carly: indy racer

<ADJ> It is all about the finish baby! No seriously, the finished product is

very important to me.

<Anne> 2 cute

<Lori> from e-mail

<Lori> do you still have a ginger cat that reminds you of Tony Curtis in

his younger days?

<Lori> if so, who looks after him while you are away?

<ali`> when did andrew star saying baby

<Lori> and how long does it take for him to forgive you when you get


<ali`> start

<ADJ> Yes, you mean Molson. He takes care of himself, he is very

responsible. I left him my credit card and the keys to my truck. I don't

think he misses me!

<lachanga> lol

<Anne> LOL

<Danish> lol

<Michelle D> lol

<kelly> lol

<Lori> from e-mail

<JarJarJedi> lol

<Lori> do you have a say on what clothing you wear on the show

<Courtney> Molson like the beer?

<Jennie> :)

<lachanga> *cabana boys go thru room passing out margaritas*

<ADJ> Yes I do. I started out the season buying clothes from Target (as

if you couldn't tell) but know I am mixing it up a bit. What do you think?

<Courtney> LOVE IT

<Anne> like it alot

<JarJarJedi> great

<Danish> love the jive turkey

<lachanga> groovy baby

<Michelle D> Love it--especially the eppi with the tank

<kelly> :-);-)

<Brooke> Keep it up!

<ali`> the best


<Brooke> Free Tibet is awesome

<Teri> more tank tops!

<Huggs> please

<kelly> fewer clothes the better

<delirium64> do we even NEED the shirts?

<Anne> shameless women

<Courtney> Hell Shirtless

<Jennie> lol

<delirium64> oops, was that out loud?

<Lori> from e-mail

<kelly> lol

<Lori> are you married?

<ADJ> Yes Courtney.

<Lori> the yes courtney is to the Molson question

<Anne> lol

<Lori> Are you married?

<Courtney> y thank you he know good beer

<ADJ> No.

<lachanga> =)

<Courtney> are u looking?

<Courtney> lol

<ali`> did you want to be

<JarJarJedi> lol

<kelly> don't be shy courtney

<Courtney> hint hint nuge nuge say no more

<kelly> lol

<Lori> from e-mail

<Lori> any thoughts on being named one of People's 50 most Beautiful

<angelhart65> Amen to people mag.

<Courtney> lol i have nerves of stell

<Courtney> steel*

<kelly> lol

<delirium64> and brass ba.l...nevermind.

<lachanga> lol

<Courtney> lol

<Danish> lol

<angelhart65> That people photo should be a poster

<ADJ> Yes, many. What were they thinking, my brother is much better It was an honor to be considered in the same category as

the likes of Clooney and Pitt.

<Courtney> a men sister

<Lori> from e-mail

<Lori> from Anne/Daisy

<Laurel> where's your brother? ; )

<Lori> fav part of the U.S.A. that you've worked in so far for WYWO

<kelly> lol

<lachanga> lol

<ADJ> Yes, two. Charleston SC, it is a beautiful, historic city, and

Atlanta, only because of a homeowner by the name of Eric Simmons.

He was fantastic to work with.

<ali`> sadly i've got to go to bed it's late in canada. Andrew you'r

welcome to come to nova scotia anytime. i'll be waiting 4 you .you're

the best!

<Anne> love charleston

<Lori> from e-mail

<Jennie> which episode was eric simmons?

<Lori> most fun aspect to new fame?

<Lori> least fun?

<yorkiemom> Is that the motorcycle guy?

<Lori> yes

<yorkiemom> He looked like he was having fun!

[Tue Jun 10 21:46:38 EDT 2003] t has no profile.

<ADJ> Everyday is an adventure, as there is so much going on in my

life now. The least favorite is that it takes longer to go shopping now,

because of people recognizing me.

<Anne> shopping online

<Anne> lol

<Lori> from e-mail

<carly> who is your manager so I can get you on our morning show>

<Lori> do you have a cooking specialty

<angelhart65> picturing the trail of women bumping shopping carts into


<kelly> lol

<Kaliee> i was gonna ask that question

<ADJ> I enjoy cooking any type of Thai food. (I love summer rolls)

<kelly> :-) mmmmm. thai food

<Anne> yumm

<Lori> from e-mail

<Lori> do you stay late on day one to get those projects finished on time

<ADJ> Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Did I say Yes!!!

<Teri> that's my hubby's question

<angelhart65> lol

<Anne> lol

<Danish> lol

<JarJarJedi> lol

<Jennie> how is it working with chayse? i loved when you gave her the

tool belt! :)

> jennie, questions had to be submitted :) stay tuned, it might come up

later though

<Courtney> thats so he wouldn't beat her to death

<Kaliee> lol

<JarJarJedi> lol

<Lori> from e-mail

<Lori> After the Jazz Attic show

<Lori> did you and Stephen make peace

<Jennie> ok... i cant figure out how to submit it, i thought there was a

way other than email... sorry :)

<ADJ> Yes we made peace. After I wrote him a check for $5k.

<lachanga> lol

<Anne> lol

<kelly> lol

<angelhart65> lol

<Brooke> lol

<Danish> =)

<JarJarJedi> lol

<Lori> from e-mail

<Lori> fill in the blank

<carly> <carly> having trouble messaging....

<Lori> I can't live without ?????

<Lori> ADJ and I aren't accepting private messages right now

<carly> I guess we can't ask questions

<ADJ> My cell phone.

<Anne> lol

angelhart65> care to share the number? :)

<Lori> from Yorkiemom

> q's had to be submitted prior to the chat, carly :)

<Lori> do you have a favourite project?

<carly> yeah...i did that...thanks!

<Lori> a lot of yours have been asked Carly, you'll see in the transcript

<carly> <carly> thanks lori..sorry thought is was more interactive

<ADJ> With 60 shows under my belt, that's a tough one to answer. I

really enjoyed building the white capsule bar in "Rodeo girls" episode

Jennie> that was cool

<Lori> from e-mail

<Lori> do you see yourself ever returning to England ?

<delirium64> well, I gotta run. Date coming over. Catch you later.

Thanks Lori, thanks Andrew - hey lachanga!

[Tue Jun 10 21:55:24 EDT 2003] snowgirlsf has no profile.

<lachanga> bye D

<ADJ> I am actually in a plane now talking to you with my

<Lori> from Anne

<Lori> boxers or briefs?

<Jennie> lol

<angelhart65> thong?

<lachanga> commando?

<Kaliee> lol.........

<Kat> lol

<Jennie> btw lori- great job on the website :)

<ADJ> Boxer-briefs.(Calvin Klein)

<Anne> actually from the group... no one wanted to

<Michelle D> whooohooo

> do i need to turn the sprinkler system on you ladies? ;)

<Michelle D> I told you

<Jennie> love boxer briefs

<Anne> yummy

<ADJ> I save the thong for the beach. lol

<Anne> lol

<kelly> lol

<JarJarJedi> lol

<angelhart65> lol

<snowgirlsf> ha ha

<lachanga> yikes!

<Danish> lol'

<angelhart65> what beach? :)

<Laurel> LOL

<Danish> oh my!

<Lori> from ooby dooby

<lachanga> *faint*


<Lori> favourite thing about being on the show

<Kat> oh yeah

<Jennie> :9

<ADJ> I get to remodel someones home for two days, and no matter

how bad it turns-out (Steven St. Onge Jazz Room) there are no


<Anne> :)

<JarJarJedi> cool

<Lori> from e-mail

<Lori> with all the rumours out there

<Lori> have you ever heard one about yourself that you wish was true?

<lachanga> lol

> that's a great question!

<Danish> good question

<Anne> also a loaded one

<Brooke> That was mine

<Anne> :)

<Brooke> =)

> yay Brooke!

<Brooke> Can't wait to hear THIS one

<ADJ> Yes, I heard I make 2 million a year. It is just $1.5 million. lol

<Anne> LOL

<Kaliee> lol

<Brooke> hehehe

<lachanga> loan me a dollar?

<Jennie> :)

<Lori> from e-mail[

<angelhart65> No more underwear from target

<snowgirlsf> oooo such a huge difference lol

<Lori> if you were to choose another profession from carpentry, what

would it be?

<lachanga> *cues music*

<lachanga> heehee

<Anne> lol

<angelhart65> strip music? :)

<lachanga> lol

<angelhart65> erotic dancer?

<lachanga> *gets out dollar bills*

> hey, lachanga, didn't he just give you that dollar?

<angelhart65> gats out 100's

<angelhart65> gets


<angelhart65> chipmunk?

<Lori> there is debate going on

<Lori> lol

<ADJ> I am interested in being a God of some Or maybe a


<lachanga> WOW!

<Danish> lol

<Anne> u r a god to these women

<angelhart65> throws a $100

<Anne> lol

<lachanga> *we're not worthy!

<Brooke> WHOO-HOOO!

<Michelle D> whoohoo

<JarJarJedi> lol

> crap on college, give it all to andrew!

<Teri> Andrew....God of Wood.....

<kelly> oh dear

<Courtney> NICE!

<lachanga> D'oh!

<kelly> lol

<Michelle D> hahah


> ahhh i feel violated!

<Courtney> ...wood heh

<Lori> from e-mail

<Anne> I'm not so lucky

<Anne> lol

<Lori> if you were offered a 6 week all expenses paid vacation

<Lori> where would you go and why?

<lachanga> *pats Roma on head* It's okay

<Courtney> MY HOUSE LOL

<Kaliee> no, my house

<Kaliee> lol

<carly> <carly> indianapolis to be a race car

<ADJ> Well, after stopping to see me Mum in England, I would go to

Australia, as must of my friends have moved there and the

surf/waves are awesome!

<lachanga> crikey! "mum" too cute!

<Anne> I have family that live on Tasmania

<ADJ> Opps, most of my friends that is, sorry for the typo.

<Lori> from e-mail

<Lori> has there been an unexpected benefit to your celebrity

<angelhart65> women help him shop now? :)

<ADJ> Yes, everyone wants to buy me a drink now.

<snowgirlsf> way down under huh? i hear australia is where all the hot

surfers are

<Anne> lol...

<snowgirlsf> lol

<Courtney> MOLSON!

<JarJarJedi> lol

<Lori> from e-mail

<Lori> do you have a favourite word or phrase?

<lachanga> *passes Andrew a margarita*

<Anne-aka-Daisy> "It's for CARPENTERS"

<kelly> lol

<ADJ> I do, but it is not fit for public consumption!

<Brooke> LOL

<Anne> LOL

<Danish> Hehe

<angelhart65> eek some sort of moonshine

<Anne> I'm sure we could handle it

<lachanga> say it!

<Brooke> Give us something!

<lachanga> say it!

<JarJarJedi> come on!

<Brooke> lol

<lachanga> scared?

<lachanga> lol

<Lori> from e-mail

<carly> <carly> put a little effort into it

<Lori> what sound or noise do you especially love or hate?

<Anne-aka-Daisy> Chayse's voice?

<snowgirlsf> lol

<kelly> thats a james lipton question

<kelly> lol

<ADJ> Anne, how did you guess.

<lachanga> lol

<Danish> lol

<Anne> lol

<JarJarJedi> lol

<ADJ> I hate the sound of candy wrappers in a movie theatres

<angelhart65> what could be worse than the constant sound of drills

and saws?

<Anne> that's terrible to say

<Anne-aka-Daisy> Drill's rock, Chayse's voice.......doesn't.

<Lori> from e-mail

<ADJ> Well Angelheart65, how about Chayse Dacoda.

<Lori> do you now or have you ever played a musical instrument?

which one?

<angelhart65> lol, true

<carly> <think he has a crush

<Lori> if you were to learn to play one now, which would you choose?

<ADJ> I don't play any musical instruments, but one day I shall master

the piano.

<snowgirlsf> the next mozart?

<Anne> when u retire?

<angelhart65> All men with beautiful european accents should play

something :)

<carly> <carly> u r a born dummer

<Anne> what, in about 5 years?

<Anne-aka-Daisy> Tickle the ivories Andrew

> andrew + chayse? ;)

<Anne> lol

<JarJarJedi> lol

<carly> <carly> sorry drummer

> i can see it doodled onto a designer's notebook as we speak . . haha

<lachanga> lol roma

<kelly> lol

> 4-eva!

<lachanga> lol

<Lori> Andrew has to get going soon

<Anne> awwww

<Danish> nooooo

<lachanga> awh! -(

<Anne> :(

<carly> <carly> happy birthday! have a safe flight

<Anne> Andrew, thank you so much for stopping by

<Anne-aka-Daisy> Thanks for taking time out for us, Mr. D-J

<Teri> thanks for chatting with us...and Happy Birthday!

<Huggs> Happy Birthday!!!

<JarJarJedi> Yes, Thank you!

<snowgirlsf> thanks for chatting wit us.... hope to talk again soon

<Danish> Thank you Andrew! Happy Birthday!

<yorkiemom> Please come back.

<Laurel> Happy Birthday and thank you Andrew

<Anne> 29 y/o, right?

<Brooke> Thanks so much Andrew! This has been a lot of fun

<kelly> Thanks for that chat!

<JarJarJedi> Happy Birthday! :)

<Anne> ;)

<ADJ> Yes, I would like to make this a somewhat regular event, if I am

not boring you to!


<Huggs> thanks

<Anne> OH GOD never boring

<angelhart65> Happy Birthday, Always shoot for the moon because if

you do and you miss the worst that can happen is you'll fall among

the stars

<Brooke> You tell us when, we'll be there!!

<JarJarJedi> not boring at all

<Danish> we'll never get bored with you

<Brooke> =)


<Anne-aka-Daisy> Happy early

> Hehe, Tuesday can be ADJ-Day

<ADJ> Thanks, Courtney I love you too!

<Huggs> bored? . . never

<Courtney> :)

<lachanga> Thanks big guy!

<Anne> We think you're the greatest!!

<lachanga> *smootch*

<Brooke> And now we're all jealous of Courtney, LOL

<Kaliee> *still lost for words*

> ooh lachanga's smooches are keepers! save that!

<carly> <carly> remember race cars...indy?

<Anne> no room for jealousy

<Jennie> Happy birthday!

<Lori> he's going everyone

<Lori> say good bye

> buh-bye baby!

<Kaliee> bye

<kelly> goodnight!

<Anne> Bye!!!!

<lachanga> Say hi to me Teresa!

<Danish> Bye Baby!

<snowgirlsf> Bye! we love u!

<JarJarJedi> bye! :)

<angelhart65> What better way to spend an evening than with a room

full of women who worship you

<Kaliee> :(

<oobydooby> Bye Andrew thanks for chatting with us!

<Teri> bye

<Huggs> buh-bye

<angelhart65> bye

<carly> <CARLY> BYE BABE

<Brooke> Tell Leslie no more time off!


<angelhart65> Love you (((hugs)))\

<ADJ> You are all very welcome, I have enjoyed this a lot.

<Brooke> Thanks again Andrew!!


> We *heart* you, Andrew!

<Anne-aka-Daisy> BYE ANDREW

<Danish> yes we do

<kelly> :-)

<Anne-aka-Daisy> *muah*

<angelhart65> I wish you dreams

<ADJ> I have got to go now, it is past my bedtime, and us TLC

carpenters need our beauty sleep...

<lachanga> buh-bye

<Anne> good nite

<JarJarJedi> night

<kelly> 'nite

<Courtney> bEAUTY IS RIGHT

<Jennie> goodnight-- thanks

<Anne-aka-Daisy> G'night

<snowgirlsf> u mean you get even more beautiful? this is too good to be


<Danish> sweet dreams

<Teri> buenas noches

[Tue Jun 10 22:19:25 EDT 2003] Michelle: Strongly favors David

Beckham, Goran Visnjic & Andrew Dan-Jumbo


<Jennie> goodnight everyone

[Tue Jun 10 22:19:45 EDT 2003] cocopris: priscilla

<Michelle> nite

<Anne> this was awesome!

<lachanga> guys, Andrew just left


<Anne> Thank you Lori

> Yes, give a hand to Lori!!

<cocopris> oh crap, he leaves so i can come in!!!!!

<snowgirlsf> yeah thanks Lori You rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

> Woo hoo!! Thanks so much!

<Michelle> thanks lori


<Danish> Yeah, Lori you rock!

<cocopris> hi lori!

<Teri> that was great Lori!!

<JarJarJedi> Thx Lori! :)


<Anne-aka-Daisy> Thanks a bunch Lori

> HAHA.. Courtney

<kelly> yay for lori!

<Brooke> We owe ya, Lori!




<oobydooby> Thanks Lori!

<cocopris> how did it go?

<Huggs> thanks Lori

<JarJarJedi> You gotta do this again Lori

<snowgirlsf> awwww poor cocopris

<ADJ> Okay, everyone go to bed, I can't sleep with all this chatter!

<Danish> very, very well

<Anne> can we do better next time without the ALL CAPS?

> Excellent . . cocopris, sorry you missed it :(

<Courtney> BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

<cocopris> i couldn't come in cause the chatroom was full

<Teri> shhhhhh, the man is trying to sleep

<cocopris> so when andrew left that's when i could come in

<lachanga> Hi coco - sorry hon

<Danish> Sorry sleepy head

<cocopris> i feel so special!!!!!!! (not)

<yorkiemom> Bonsoir Andrew

<Anne> nite all

<lachanga> thanks guys

> We're all special in our own way. Sesame Street taught me that. :-D


<lachanga> lol

<Laurel> I'm trying to picture how that would look on the airplane

<Danish> lol roma

[Tue Jun 10 22:21:57 EDT 2003] marrymeandrew has no profile.

<cocopris> well, i guess i'll have to wait for the transcript

<marrymeandrew> darn!

> lachanga, should we still be frantically transcribing?

<lachanga> I am saving for Lori to read it all

<cocopris> when did everyone log in?

> ok, me too . . good deal



<lachanga> Most of us logged on an hour early to save a seat

<snowgirlsf> dont feel bad, i didnt get in till late either

<Danish> i got here at 8:40

> He's recording a message for us, Carly.. I think. Is that still happening,


<Brooke> Yeah, this has *got* to be a regular event

<cocopris> guess i'll do that when Teresa comes to chat (then i'll

physically kick my brother off the computer)

<lachanga> Yes, she is gonna do a phone interview now.

<yorkiemom> Did Lori get to ask all the questions she had?

> ooh, brothers are a pain like that, cocopris



<Laurel> nope, Lori must have tons of questions left

<cocopris> LOL roma, i know

[Tue Jun 10 22:24:01 EDT 2003] kefergus has no profile.

[Tue Jun 10 22:24:06 EDT 2003] r has no profile.

[Tue Jun 10 22:24:06 EDT 2003] Much_Ado: WYWO Fan

<lachanga> Ado!

<JarJarJedi> I'm glad I don't have any brothers :)

> my comp has been infected wit ESPN fodder.. is that spelled right? is

that even a word, "fodder"?

<lachanga> you're late!

<cocopris> anyone mention silk boxers??

<Much_Ado> Hi all! Did I make it in time?

> aww, much_ado you made it!


<Anne-aka-Daisy> nope

<Much_Ado> Does that mean IT'S OVER????

<angelhart65> he's not

<Danish> he said no


<lachanga> it's over, he's gone

<cocopris> well, no more arguing bout that then

<Danish> yeah it's over:(

<Much_Ado> Couldn't get in ... the room was full. ;-(

> It is, Much_Ado . . I'm sorry. :(


<cocopris> me, too, muchado

<Much_Ado> OK. so lachanga has transcription duty, right?

<cocopris> i was late

> Carly, can you take off the caps? You're yelling at me and it makes

me feel sad.

<cocopris> lol

<lachanga> Yes

<Much_Ado> Yeah!

[Tue Jun 10 22:25:39 EDT 2003] Teri's Hubby has no profile.

<Much_Ado> Is this the recap?

<carly> sorry....I work in televsion...used to yelling <carly>

<Danish> the post game show

> haha, it's cool carly, no big

<Much_Ado> So for those of us just joining, what's the general


<lachanga> Any last words for Andrew, I'm closing the transciption?

> That Andrew is a doll and we all want to marry him. *sigh*

<Teri> It was so cool Ado

<cocopris> that i wish i were his toolbelt

<JarJarJedi> We love Andrew :)

<Much_Ado> Now I'm gonna be really jealous ...

> Oh . .and Calvin Klein Boxer-Briefs, Much_Ado. That says it all.

<Much_Ado> Woohoo!

<Teri's Hubby> It was cool, but I had to watch from the sidelines

[Tue Jun 10 22:27:05 EDT 2003] choebe has no profile.

<angelhart65> I wish i could sit down with him over a few drinks and get

to know him

<Danish> how cool would that be

<Brooke> His sense of humor can even carry over the internet

<Danish> yeah baby

<Brooke> Gotta love a personality like that

<yorkiemom> I think we need more Andrew humor on the show.

<angelhart65> just some good conversation and some quality time

<Brooke> Anybody up for a reel of WYWO bloopers?

<Brooke> lol

> Yes, Brooke!

<JarJarJedi> yeah, more Andrew humor would be cool

<carly> <carly> that's why I am trying to get on producing the show....

<angelhart65> I always hope i will see the wywo truck in my area

<Teri> So when does season 2 start?

<Much_Ado> So no more freak-outs about fans? Glad to know it was a

roaring success!

<Much_Ado> But Lori, can we make more room in the chat room next

time? ;-)

<cocopris> pleeeeeeeeeease?

> i didn't even know there was a limit

<angelhart65> it might be a bravenet limit to the room people

<lachanga> She said there was a limit of 60

<cocopris> i was about to throw my computer out the window

<Much_Ado> The board said 60... don't know what the limits are, but ....

> hmmm.. a lot of times multiple rooms are used, but they all

"broadcast" the same thing . . i wonder if that's possible

<carly> < carly> i was blocked off until 8:30pm....I am on a freelance

project and was driving 90mph to get to a kinkos to sign on

<Much_Ado> Oh well. Lucky you to those who got into the chat!

<Much_Ado> Looking forward to the transcription and hope to 'get in'

next time.

<cocopris> :)

> aww, Carly, and it was so worth it, he said hello to you!

> you will, much!

[Tue Jun 10 22:29:51 EDT 2003] lurker: just lurking

<carly> he did?

> i thought so . . lemme see..

<carly> <carly> I'll have to look

<JarJarJedi> maybe it was Courtney

<carly> <carly> I beleive he told courtney he loved her

<Danish> no fair:(

<Much_Ado> WHAT? (Excuse the screaming....)

<JarJarJedi> I know

<lachanga> I think it was Courtney, he talked to her a couple of times

<carly> <carly> yes he did

> He seemed to point out a lot of people, which was so, so cool of him.

<Much_Ado> What did carly do to deserve an I love you from The Hott


<ADJ> Are you still here? Go home, it's over, sign-off!

<Much_Ado> Korey will be SO Jealous

<kelly> LOL

<Laurel> LOL ADJ

<Teri's Hubby> He was saying "I love you too" to he "we all love you"

<JarJarJedi> lol

> ANDREW, it's all your fault we're still here!

<Courtney> LOL ANDREW