F.A.Q. (frequently asked questions)

Where should I send fan mail?
Mr. Ciaran Hinds
C/O Dalzell and Beresford
26 Astwood Mews
London SW7 4DE
I have a Ciaran Hinds website...will you link to me?
Yes! Just send me an e-mail with all the information.
How do I get the video clips on your site to play?
Download Windows Media Player 9 Series for FREE
How can I support this site?
There are links to Amazon.com, All Posters and Paypal on the main page of this site. Thanks!
I'd like to chat with other CH fans online. Where can I do this?
There are a few options. This site has links to both a message board and a mailing list on the main page. Also, on the 'Links' page, you'll find many more options!
How old is Ciaran? is he married? children? where was he born? etc.
All this information and more can be found on 'The Man' page.
Do you know Ciaran Hinds? Is this his official site?
By all accounts, Mr. Hinds has very little interest in the internet. I have no contact with him and this site is merely an 'unofficial' fansite. This site will never dabble in gossip or heresay. Its here to celebrate and publicize the career of an amazing and very underrated actor.

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