Q and A with Evan Farmer

February 11, 2004

Lori: When will your solo CD be available? where can we buy it?

Evan: Hopefully soon! Iíve been on the road so much lately that getting back into the recording studio has proven difficult. I have scheduled enough time to finish up the songs Iíve begun and would like to have something available in stores by summer.

Lori: Has it been a difficult transition taking over hosting duties from Teresa Strasser?

Evan: I could only answer that by mentioning the degree to which TLC and the BBC supported me in the new format. From the start I was encouraged to do my own thing, so they never compared my style to hers. How could you really compare anyway Ė I feel like we couldnít be more differentÖ. I couldnít be happier with the response that Iíve gotten from the large (and very loyal) fanbase as well that gave me a chance to prove myself in filling wonderful shoes. Ps. Iím a Teresa fan too!

From Jennifer: Between being in the boyband(s) and now your job on WYWO, you've done a lot of traveling in your lifetime and you've probably amassed a fine collection of airplane headphones and tiny bags of pretzels suitable for resale on the black market. Has the novelty of travelling all over the place worn off yet?

Evan: No! I was practically born on an airplane as my family has always been fairly nomadic. For some reason, Iím also one of those weird people who still gets excited about staying in hotels. Itís like Iím always on vacation!

From Jennifer: How's the catered food on the set? Like cafeteria food, sketchy and repetitive, or do they feed you guys well?

Evan: We get fed very well! Every location has a different caterer and so we never end up eating the same things over and over. Once again Itís like being on vacation!

From Jennifer: How do you take your coffee?

Evan: Frequently!

From Jennifer: What's your preferred beer?

Evan: I donít drink much, but Iíd probably say Hieneken or Michelob Ultra if Iím planning on drinking more than a coupleÖ

From Jennifer: We've seen what the designer and carpenters do, but what do you usually do on Day 0?

Evan: I usually have a lot of research to weed through, Voice-overs to record, videos to watch, as well as tangential things like interviews and other meetings. But Iíve been known to join the rest of the crew shopping when my day zero workload is light. Ask Teresa, it really is a 24/7, 365 day a year jobÖ

From Lisa: Do you watch the show when it airs, and if so, do you feel the editing (for the most part) accurately portrays the full 2 days of filming?

Evan: Unfortunately, most hotels (for some reason) donít have The Learning Channel so I rarely get to see the shows as they air. The shows I do see (usually on video much later), very accurately portray the experience. With that said, It would be impossible to explain every cause and effect scenario we encounter in such a short period of time. I can say that there is a lot of care taken by the production not to inaccurately imply things, or make anyone appear differently on TV from the actual experience. It really is ďLife Unscripted.Ē

From Mitsoue: Which episode was your favorite to tape?

Evan: Tough one! Iíd have to say my favorite one to tape was the very first show I did. It was the show with Lavar Arrington of the Washington Redskins. That whole experience was a combination of excitement, terror, fun, and relief all rolled into one due to the outrageous circumstances. We had a celebrity, tornadoes, and injuries, on top of the fact that it was a trial by fire for me.

From Mitsoue: Which design did you like the most?

Evan: Wow, another tough one. I guess I like a design we recently did for a show that hasnít aired yet (as of 2/5/04 anyway) where we turned a garage into an Easy Rider Refuge dedicated to a pair of Harley Davidsons. Itís probably my favorite (among many Iíve loved) because It was truly something Iíd love to do for myself one dayÖ Except my garage would be dedicated to flying and airplanes Ėnot Harleys.

From Ann: How much input, if any, does the host have in choosing homeowners?

Evan: Absolutely none. I just show up and work!

From Emily: In your WYWO profile, it says you started a business in renovating single family homes. How would you describe your room preference (ie, more traditional, modern, etc) and how important is it for you to leave a personal touch in the rooms you renovate?

Evan: What I do personally is very different from working on the show because itís the homeownerís vision that weíre trying create. My personal taste lends itself to stained woods, muted colors and clever designs that address the function of a space more than simply aesthetics. I also like restoring things to itís original form if thereís some historical significance involved. As far as personal touches on the show Ė Itís all a personal touch! I see it as a set of different personalities and approaches coming together to meet the same vision. Every person invests a lot of themselves in the finished product. Thatís actually one of the things I like most about the show.

From Jo: Besides playing the guitar to relax, what other things do you find relaxing?

Evan: I paraglide as much as I get a chance to (Iím hopefully going to fly the French Alps this year), and I love to spend time with my family. Weíre very close! In fact as I type this response, Iím sitting on a plane next to my mother on my way to visit my older sister, brother in law, and my nieceÖ By the way Ė if you ever want to learn to paraglide Ė the best place to learn (in my opinion) is in Santa Barbara, CAÖ at Fly Above All (www.flyaboveall.com) Ask for Chad!

From Heather: If you could change anything about yourself, whether in physical appearance or personality, what would it be?

Evan: WellÖ itís taken enough to accept myself as I am so I think Iíd stick it out ďas-isĒ if given the optionÖ

From Heather: When you appear as host on WYWO, do you feel like you are acting a part--working hard to think of funny or creative things to do and say--or are you just being yourself?

Evan: Iím just being me with abandonÖ Thatís what I love about hosting verses acting.

From David: What do you do in your spare time?

Evan: Spare time?!?!? Sleep!

From Tiffany: Have you signed up to host the third season, or has that not been discussed yet?

Evan: Iím definitely planning on sticking around for a while. As far as Iím concerned, I have the best job imaginableÖ

From Kim: Given your background in architecture, I would love to know if you have a favorite period or architectural style; and as a follow up to that, if you had stayed on that path, what kind of design could you envision yourself doing today?

Evan: My taste varies depending on the type of building. With that said, Iíve always been fascinated by the whole design concepts of the architects and city planners; Duany and Plater-Zyberk.

From Kim: Just for fun, since in addition to your WYWO gig you're a musician, what are your musical influences/favorite artist(s) and what are you listening to lately.

Evan: I wake up to Whitesnake every morning, started playing guitar because of James Taylor, and spend most casual listening time exploring new and yet unknown musicians Ė mostly in the genre of folk rock alternativeÖ

From Liz: First I want to tell you that I enjoy your antics on the job, you make me laugh. I want to ask how you are enjoying the job now that you have been doing it for a few months? Also, do you get along with everyone and what's the best part of the show that you enjoy?

Evan: Thanks! I love every second of it Ė so itís really hard to refer to it as a job! The biggest reason I love it so much are people I get to work and play with every day.

From Penny: I would like to know if the opportunity presented itself, if you would like the chance to host Trading Spaces while Paige would host While You Were Out for an episode.

Evan: Sure, Iíd love to check out their set up Ė it looks like a lot of fun!

From Shary Marie: What inspired you to do what you do?

Evan: The fear of waking up every morning and going to some kind of office for the rest of my life.

From Jennifer: What's the craziest thing a fan has done to meet you?

Evan: Nothing too insane since I started WYWO, but the freakiest thing I ever saw was a 15 year old girl having climbed three stories on the OUTSIDE of the building to knock on my balcony door while on tour with Britney Spears about three years ago. She survived thank God!

From Lori H: Do you have a favourite episode? and why?

Evan: My favorite episode is always the one Iím shooting. Itís such an electrified, and creative set that you never know whatís going to happen! The producers have come up with some really amazing ideas for this and the next season so itís like a never ending adventureÖ