Cold Lazarus (1996)

Starring: Albert Finney, Richard E. Grant, Anna Chancellor and Ciaran Hinds as Fyodor Glazunov.
Synopsis: This television mini-series is actually the 2nd part of a story started in "Karaoke". Writer Daniel Feeld (Albert Finney) returns three centuries later as a disembodied head. While technology has advanced in the 24th Century, global corporate control has brought about an austere, antiseptic way of life. In the year 2368, the terrorist organization RON (Reality or Nothing), seeks a return to the tranquillity of earlier times. At the Masdon Science Center, a team of scientists led by Emma Porlock (Frances De La Tour) succeeds in extracting memories from Feeld's cryogenically preserved head - memories which are, in fact, scenes from Karaoke. Aging Martina Masdon (Diane Ladd), the tyrannical owner of the Science Center, and international media mogul David Siltz (Henry Goodman) see the potential for the commercial exploitation of Feeld's memories. As Siltz puts it, "Who would want made-up stories from a hack when you can mainline into the real thing? At last, privacy has a true market value."

Cold Lazarus cost half a million pounds for its special effects, and the script is said to be riddled with nanotechnological jargon. Actor Ciaran Hinds said "I was apalling at science at school. The vernacular of cryogenics and biochemistry can be one hell of a mouthful but Potter knew what he was talking about. You just have to say the lines as he wrote them and hope that you're serving his ideas."

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