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<center><a href="http://members.rogers.com/dan-jumbo/index2.htm">

<img src="http://members.rogers.com/dan-jumbo/images/adjbanner.JPG" border="2"></a>Chat Transcript: 6 10 03

<Lori> there is debate going on

<Lori> lol

<ADJ> I am interested in being a God of some kind.lol Or maybe a


<lachanga> WOW!

<Danish> lol

<Anne> u r a god to these women

<angelhart65> throws a $100

<Anne> lol

<lachanga> *we're not worthy!

<Brooke> WHOO-HOOO!

<Michelle D> whoohoo

<JarJarJedi> lol

> crap on college, give it all to andrew!

<Teri> Andrew....God of Wood.....

<kelly> oh dear

<Courtney> NICE!

<lachanga> D'oh!

<kelly> lol

<Michelle D> hahah


> ahhh i feel violated!

<Courtney> ...wood heh

<Lori> from e-mail

<Anne> I'm not so lucky

<Anne> lol

<Lori> if you were offered a 6 week all expenses paid vacation

<Lori> where would you go and why?

<lachanga> *pats Roma on head* It's okay

<Courtney> MY HOUSE LOL

<Kaliee> no, my house

<Kaliee> lol

<carly> <carly> indianapolis to be a race car driver...sexy

<ADJ> Well, after stopping to see me Mum in England, I would go to

Australia, as must of my friends have moved there and the

surf/waves are awesome!

<lachanga> crikey! "mum" too cute!

<Anne> I have family that live on Tasmania

<ADJ> Opps, most of my friends that is, sorry for the typo.

<Lori> from e-mail

<Lori> has there been an unexpected benefit to your celebrity

<angelhart65> women help him shop now? :)

<ADJ> Yes, everyone wants to buy me a drink now.

<snowgirlsf> way down under huh? i hear australia is where all the hot

surfers are

<Anne> lol...

<snowgirlsf> lol

<Courtney> MOLSON!

<JarJarJedi> lol

<Lori> from e-mail

<Lori> do you have a favourite word or phrase?

<lachanga> *passes Andrew a margarita*

<Anne-aka-Daisy> "It's for CARPENTERS"

<kelly> lol

<ADJ> I do, but it is not fit for public consumption!

<Brooke> LOL

<Anne> LOL

<Danish> Hehe

<angelhart65> eek some sort of moonshine

<Anne> I'm sure we could handle it

<lachanga> say it!

<Brooke> Give us something!

<lachanga> say it!

<JarJarJedi> come on!

<Brooke> lol

<lachanga> scared?

<lachanga> lol

<Lori> from e-mail

<carly> <carly> put a little effort into it

<Lori> what sound or noise do you especially love or hate?

<Anne-aka-Daisy> Chayse's voice?

<snowgirlsf> lol

<kelly> thats a james lipton question

<kelly> lol

<ADJ> Anne, how did you guess.

<lachanga> lol

<Danish> lol

<Anne> lol

<JarJarJedi> lol

<ADJ> I hate the sound of candy wrappers in a movie theatres

<angelhart65> what could be worse than the constant sound of drills

and saws?

<Anne> that's terrible to say

<Anne-aka-Daisy> Drill's rock, Chayse's voice.......doesn't.

<Lori> from e-mail

<ADJ> Well Angelheart65, how about Chayse Dacoda.

<Lori> do you now or have you ever played a musical instrument?

which one?

<angelhart65> lol, true

<carly> <think he has a crush

<Lori> if you were to learn to play one now, which would you choose?

<ADJ> I don't play any musical instruments, but one day I shall master

the piano.

<snowgirlsf> the next mozart?

<Anne> when u retire?

<angelhart65> All men with beautiful european accents should play

something :)

<carly> <carly> u r a born dummer

<Anne> what, in about 5 years?

<Anne-aka-Daisy> Tickle the ivories Andrew

> andrew + chayse? ;)

<Anne> lol

<JarJarJedi> lol

<carly> <carly> sorry drummer

> i can see it doodled onto a designer's notebook as we speak . . haha

<lachanga> lol roma

<kelly> lol

> 4-eva!

<lachanga> lol

<Lori> Andrew has to get going soon

<Anne> awwww

<Danish> nooooo

<lachanga> awh! -(

<Anne> :(

<carly> <carly> happy birthday! have a safe flight

<Anne> Andrew, thank you so much for stopping by

<Anne-aka-Daisy> Thanks for taking time out for us, Mr. D-J

<Teri> thanks for chatting with us...and Happy Birthday!

<Huggs> Happy Birthday!!!

<JarJarJedi> Yes, Thank you!

<snowgirlsf> thanks for chatting wit us.... hope to talk again soon

<Danish> Thank you Andrew! Happy Birthday!

<yorkiemom> Please come back.

<Laurel> Happy Birthday and thank you Andrew

<Anne> 29 y/o, right?

<Brooke> Thanks so much Andrew! This has been a lot of fun

<kelly> Thanks for that chat!

<JarJarJedi> Happy Birthday! :)

<Anne> ;)

<ADJ> Yes, I would like to make this a somewhat regular event, if I am

not boring you to much......baby!


<Huggs> thanks

<Anne> OH GOD never boring

<angelhart65> Happy Birthday, Always shoot for the moon because if

you do and you miss the worst that can happen is you'll fall among

the stars

<Brooke> You tell us when, we'll be there!!

<JarJarJedi> not boring at all

<Danish> we'll never get bored with you

<Brooke> =)


<Anne-aka-Daisy> Happy early Birthday........baby

> Hehe, Tuesday can be ADJ-Day

<ADJ> Thanks, Courtney I love you too!

<Huggs> bored? . . never

<Courtney> :)

<lachanga> Thanks big guy!

<Anne> We think you're the greatest!!

<lachanga> *smootch*

<Brooke> And now we're all jealous of Courtney, LOL

<Kaliee> *still lost for words*

> ooh lachanga's smooches are keepers! save that!

<carly> <carly> remember race cars...indy?

<Anne> no room for jealousy

<Jennie> Happy birthday!

<Lori> he's going everyone

<Lori> say good bye

> buh-bye baby!

<Kaliee> bye

<kelly> goodnight!

<Anne> Bye!!!!

<lachanga> Say hi to me Teresa!

<Danish> Bye Baby!

<snowgirlsf> Bye! we love u!

<JarJarJedi> bye! :)

<angelhart65> What better way to spend an evening than with a room

full of women who worship you

<Kaliee> :(

<oobydooby> Bye Andrew thanks for chatting with us!

<Teri> bye

<Huggs> buh-bye

<angelhart65> bye

<carly> <CARLY> BYE BABE

<Brooke> Tell Leslie no more time off!


<angelhart65> Love you (((hugs)))\

<ADJ> You are all very welcome, I have enjoyed this a lot.

<Brooke> Thanks again Andrew!!


> We *heart* you, Andrew!

<Anne-aka-Daisy> BYE ANDREW

<Danish> yes we do

<kelly> :-)

<Anne-aka-Daisy> *muah*

<angelhart65> I wish you dreams

<ADJ> I have got to go now, it is past my bedtime, and us TLC

carpenters need our beauty sleep...

<lachanga> buh-bye

<Anne> good nite

<JarJarJedi> night

<kelly> 'nite

<Courtney> bEAUTY IS RIGHT

<Jennie> goodnight-- thanks

<Anne-aka-Daisy> G'night

<snowgirlsf> u mean you get even more beautiful? this is too good to be


<Danish> sweet dreams

<Teri> buenas noches

[Tue Jun 10 22:19:25 EDT 2003] Michelle: Strongly favors David

Beckham, Goran Visnjic & Andrew Dan-Jumbo


<Jennie> goodnight everyone

[Tue Jun 10 22:19:45 EDT 2003] cocopris: priscilla

<Michelle> nite

<Anne> this was awesome!

<lachanga> guys, Andrew just left


<Anne> Thank you Lori

> Yes, give a hand to Lori!!

<cocopris> oh crap, he leaves so i can come in!!!!!

<snowgirlsf> yeah thanks Lori You rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

> Woo hoo!! Thanks so much!

<Michelle> thanks lori


<Danish> Yeah, Lori you rock!

<cocopris> hi lori!

<Teri> that was great Lori!!

<JarJarJedi> Thx Lori! :)


<Anne-aka-Daisy> Thanks a bunch Lori

> HAHA.. Courtney

<kelly> yay for lori!

<Brooke> We owe ya, Lori!




<oobydooby> Thanks Lori!

<cocopris> how did it go?

<Huggs> thanks Lori

<JarJarJedi> You gotta do this again Lori

<snowgirlsf> awwww poor cocopris

<ADJ> Okay, everyone go to bed, I can't sleep with all this chatter!

<Danish> very, very well

<Anne> can we do better next time without the ALL CAPS?

> Excellent . . cocopris, sorry you missed it :(

<Courtney> BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

<cocopris> i couldn't come in cause the chatroom was full

<Teri> shhhhhh, the man is trying to sleep

<cocopris> so when andrew left that's when i could come in

<lachanga> Hi coco - sorry hon

<Danish> Sorry sleepy head

<cocopris> i feel so special!!!!!!! (not)

<yorkiemom> Bonsoir Andrew

<Anne> nite all

<lachanga> thanks guys

> We're all special in our own way. Sesame Street taught me that. :-D


<lachanga> lol

<Laurel> I'm trying to picture how that would look on the airplane

<Danish> lol roma

[Tue Jun 10 22:21:57 EDT 2003] marrymeandrew has no profile.

<cocopris> well, i guess i'll have to wait for the transcript

<marrymeandrew> darn!

> lachanga, should we still be frantically transcribing?

<lachanga> I am saving for Lori to read it all

<cocopris> when did everyone log in?

> ok, me too . . good deal



<lachanga> Most of us logged on an hour early to save a seat

<snowgirlsf> dont feel bad, i didnt get in till late either

<Danish> i got here at 8:40

> He's recording a message for us, Carly.. I think. Is that still happening,


<Brooke> Yeah, this has *got* to be a regular event

<cocopris> guess i'll do that when Teresa comes to chat (then i'll

physically kick my brother off the computer)

<lachanga> Yes, she is gonna do a phone interview now.

<yorkiemom> Did Lori get to ask all the questions she had?

> ooh, brothers are a pain like that, cocopris



<Laurel> nope, Lori must have tons of questions left

<cocopris> LOL roma, i know

[Tue Jun 10 22:24:01 EDT 2003] kefergus has no profile.

[Tue Jun 10 22:24:06 EDT 2003] r has no profile.

[Tue Jun 10 22:24:06 EDT 2003] Much_Ado: WYWO Fan

<lachanga> Ado!

<JarJarJedi> I'm glad I don't have any brothers :)

> my comp has been infected wit ESPN fodder.. is that spelled right? is

that even a word, "fodder"?

<lachanga> you're late!

<cocopris> anyone mention silk boxers??

<Much_Ado> Hi all! Did I make it in time?

> aww, much_ado you made it!


<Anne-aka-Daisy> nope

<Much_Ado> Does that mean IT'S OVER????

<angelhart65> he's not

<Danish> he said no


<lachanga> it's over, he's gone

<cocopris> well, no more arguing bout that then

<Danish> yeah it's over:(

<Much_Ado> Couldn't get in ... the room was full. ;-(

> It is, Much_Ado . . I'm sorry. :(


<cocopris> me, too, muchado

<Much_Ado> OK. so lachanga has transcription duty, right?

<cocopris> i was late

> Carly, can you take off the caps? You're yelling at me and it makes

me feel sad.

<cocopris> lol

<lachanga> Yes

<Much_Ado> Yeah!

[Tue Jun 10 22:25:39 EDT 2003] Teri's Hubby has no profile.

<Much_Ado> Is this the recap?

<carly> sorry....I work in televsion...used to yelling <carly>

<Danish> the post game show

> haha, it's cool carly, no big

<Much_Ado> So for those of us just joining, what's the general


<lachanga> Any last words for Andrew, I'm closing the transciption?

> That Andrew is a doll and we all want to marry him. *sigh*

<Teri> It was so cool Ado

<cocopris> that i wish i were his toolbelt

<JarJarJedi> We love Andrew :)

<Much_Ado> Now I'm gonna be really jealous ...

> Oh . .and Calvin Klein Boxer-Briefs, Much_Ado. That says it all.

<Much_Ado> Woohoo!

<Teri's Hubby> It was cool, but I had to watch from the sidelines

[Tue Jun 10 22:27:05 EDT 2003] choebe has no profile.

<angelhart65> I wish i could sit down with him over a few drinks and get

to know him

<Danish> how cool would that be

<Brooke> His sense of humor can even carry over the internet

<Danish> yeah baby

<Brooke> Gotta love a personality like that

<yorkiemom> I think we need more Andrew humor on the show.

<angelhart65> just some good conversation and some quality time

<Brooke> Anybody up for a reel of WYWO bloopers?

<Brooke> lol

> Yes, Brooke!

<JarJarJedi> yeah, more Andrew humor would be cool

<carly> <carly> that's why I am trying to get on producing the show....

<angelhart65> I always hope i will see the wywo truck in my area

<Teri> So when does season 2 start?

<Much_Ado> So no more freak-outs about fans? Glad to know it was a

roaring success!

<Much_Ado> But Lori, can we make more room in the chat room next

time? ;-)

<cocopris> pleeeeeeeeeease?

> i didn't even know there was a limit

<angelhart65> it might be a bravenet limit to the room people

<lachanga> She said there was a limit of 60

<cocopris> i was about to throw my computer out the window

<Much_Ado> The board said 60... don't know what the limits are, but ....

> hmmm.. a lot of times multiple rooms are used, but they all

"broadcast" the same thing . . i wonder if that's possible

<carly> < carly> i was blocked off until 8:30pm....I am on a freelance

project and was driving 90mph to get to a kinkos to sign on

<Much_Ado> Oh well. Lucky you to those who got into the chat!

<Much_Ado> Looking forward to the transcription and hope to 'get in'

next time.

<cocopris> :)

> aww, Carly, and it was so worth it, he said hello to you!

> you will, much!

[Tue Jun 10 22:29:51 EDT 2003] lurker: just lurking

<carly> he did?

> i thought so . . lemme see..

<carly> <carly> I'll have to look

<JarJarJedi> maybe it was Courtney

<carly> <carly> I beleive he told courtney he loved her

<Danish> no fair:(

<Much_Ado> WHAT? (Excuse the screaming....)

<JarJarJedi> I know

<lachanga> I think it was Courtney, he talked to her a couple of times

<carly> <carly> yes he did

> He seemed to point out a lot of people, which was so, so cool of him.

<Much_Ado> What did carly do to deserve an I love you from The Hott


<ADJ> Are you still here? Go home, it's over, sign-off!

<Much_Ado> Korey will be SO Jealous

<kelly> LOL

<Laurel> LOL ADJ

<Teri's Hubby> He was saying "I love you too" to he "we all love you"

<JarJarJedi> lol

> ANDREW, it's all your fault we're still here!

<Courtney> LOL ANDREW