The Man

Tall. Dark. Handsome. Words which seem a custom fit to Ciaran Hinds, the Belfast born star of stage and screen.

He started performing Irish dance at a young age and after a short stint at Belfast's Queen's University with a thought to pursuing the law, he entered London's Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. The rest, as they say, is history. He has the versatility of a seasoned character actor combined with the "tall, dark and handsome" look of a great leading man. He has proven himself time and time again on the stage. He has recorded audio books and radio plays, putting to shame their staged or filmed counterparts. He has guest starred in a number of television series and made-for-tv films, always managing to bring something unexpected to, at times, rote material. He commands top billing in film after film, but is also content to take on the less glamorous, often meatier, supporting roles.

He is an actor's actor. The fact that many directors and co-stars choose to work with him over and over is a true testament to his talent and professionalism.

Just the facts:

Daughter Aoife

Partner Helene Patarot
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