The multi-talented Andrew Dan-Jumbo joins the cast of While You Were Out as a craftsman and general contractor. Born in Nigeria and raised in Shoreham, England, a coastal town near London, Andrew attended St. Martin's College of Art & Design in London, and came to the U.S. shortly thereafter. He lived in San Diego, California, where he honed his surfing skills. After a few years, Andrew returned to England where he began a career as a freelance graphic designer.

In 1991, Andrew returned to the U.S. to reside and, with his brother Raymond, co-founded "Eurotek", a commercial and residential construction company that specializes in restaurant and new home developments in Buffalo, New York. In addition to his extensive craftsman skills, Andrew models for several high fashion runway agencies in upstate New York, a vocation he's been involved in since college.

When he's not building and designing for While You Were Out, Andrew enjoys cooking, surfing, and anything else that's remotely athletic.

Visit Andrew's newest joint venture with brother Raymond, Copperwood Custom Homes.

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Vital Statistics

  • Date of Birth: June 25, 1964
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 200 lbs
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Workout Routine: 4xweek weight sessions
  • Grooming Tools: Dep hair gel, St. Ives Facial Cleanser, Bump Patrol shave gel.

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Just the Facts

  • "While You Were Out" carpenter, Andrew Dan-Jumbo washes his clothes at every house he visits. "He's this juggernaut of charm", says Strasser, explaining how he gets strangers to open up their washers. "Who's going to turn down having his drawers in their Maytag?" From T.V. Guide, April, 2003.
  • Andrew lost his silver star ring while filming season 1 episodes in Philadelphia!
  • Andrew's middle name is 'Ibifiniwari'. It's Nigerian and was given to him by his Grandfather (a Nigerian tradition). It means 'comes from a good home'.
  • Andrew is the baby of the family: both brother Raymond and sister Helen are older.
  • Andrew's father Steven was a physician in Nigeria. He is now deceased. He actually delivered Andrew at his birth!
  • Andrew's mother still lives in England.
  • Andrew speaks both German and French
  • His favourite tool? His hammer! of course!
  • Andrew has 2 cats: Max and Oprah.
  • Favourite dessert? Kentucky Derby Pie!

Where can I get that??

Safety glasses like Andrew's?
"I am always looking for different and hopefully cool designs. I have changed styles several times and they come from stores like called Hutchins Automotive, H&M and NYX sports glasses. I am about to change again to a new brand for season 2 with lots of new styles."
Sunglasses like Andrew's?
"Because I spend so much time outside on the show I tend to wear my sunglasses as safety glasses, so the answer to this question is the same as above."
T'shirts/clothing like Andrew's?
"Urban Outfitters, Gap, Banana Republic, Guess, Abercrombie, Pacific Sunwear, Hot Topic, Target etc."
Beaded necklaces like Andrew's?
"I have purchased most of my necklaces from street vendors as the show has traveled around the country. South Beach, Miami had a great street market."
The same boxer-briefs that Andrew wears?
"Calvin Klein, Perry Ellis, H&M etc."

Special thanks to Andrew for filling us in!