Birmingham Evening Mail (England)
Date: 4/24/2003

TV MAIL: Views to a killing.

Byline: GRAHAM YOUNG Mail TV Editor
THURSDAY the 12th (Carlton, 9pm) is a twopart mystery thriller starring Ciaran Hinds as wealthy dentist Marius Bannister. Written by Paula Milne (The Politician's Wife/ Second Sight), the plot centres around four members of the Bannister family, each of whom wants another one dead.

The events of the fateful day are told four times, with each account relating to a different family member's point of view.

The action begins on the date of the title, when Bannister is due to hear about his New Labour parliamentary candidacy.

Although the audience will know from the opening scene that a family member has been killed, the identity of the victim - and the killer - will not be revealed until the end.

'The script is incredibly clever and last third of it wasn't given to us until after we'd filmed the first twothirds,' says Ciaran, who lives with FrenchVietnamese actress and long-term partner Helene Patarot in Battersea, London.

'The killer could have been anybody.'

Belfast-born Hinds is suddenly flavour of the month. Recently seen in Hollywood movies Road to Perdition and The Sum of All Fears, he's currently in France filming The Statement, a thriller co-starring Michael Caine.

And he'll also be seen in Calendar Girls, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider 2 and Veronica Guerin later this year.

'I'm pleased I'm not typecast any more,' he adds. 'For a while casting people saw me as a gruff person wearing breeches, but now I can play all types.'

Unusually, this story concludes from 9pm tomorrow as ITV experiments with its more regular Sunday/Monday or Monday/Tuesday twonight formula.