Chat Transcript September 9, 2003



<ADJ> Hi Folks I'm back !!!!!

<ADJ> Sorry it has taken so long to get things going, life's a little crazy

    right now

<ADJ> Hope you all had a groovy summer, oh yeah the cat (oprah) is

    tearing up my house!

<Kellie> That will get better as Oprah gets older.

<ADJ> Anyone want a slightly used cat........hmmmmmmm?

<Kellie> I do

<ADJ> Anyway I'm sure your not hear to talk about this stuff, so lets do

    a little Q & A


<Lori> How is Season 2 going?  Any scoops for us?

<ADJ> Yes, I miss Teresa!

<ADJ> I trying to persuade Evan to have a sex change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


<Lori> Has the show's dynamic changed with the addition of Evan?

<ADJ> The show is very different now with Evan, there's far more slap

    stick than before for starters

<ADJ> I think in time we will all get used to him , but for now it's all really



<Lori> Can you tell us any more about the new designer Mark Montano

<ADJ> He's awesome.....can I say awesome or is awesome a played word

    these days?

<ADJ> He's a cross between John and Stephen


<Lori> The new carpenter Jason Cameron...

<Lori> have you met? and how do you feel about that!?

<ADJ> Yes , I have met him. He seems like an OK type and he's on

    board to give me a little time to myself. He will do around 10 shows


<Meaghan> BTW, my mom says you can come wash your smalls in

    her laundry any day.

<Krystal> I'll do the laundry for ya

<ADJ> You’re on!

<Meaghan> There's a condition, though.

<Meaghan> You use our laundry, we keep one pair of boxer-briefs.

<ADJ> You can handle my smalls anytime baby!


<Lori> home shows?  How have they been?  Any funny stories to share?

<ADJ> I'm on my 5th home show of the season. No funny stories, just

    insane amounts of autographs to sign, I need some help hear.....any


<Danish> me me I'll help

<Big Apple Michelle> I have good penmanship:)

<Kellie> I'll help

<Stephanie> i'll help

<Liz> I'll help you anytime

<Jenn> count me in

<Meaghan> I'll help!

<Much Ado> Need a PA, Andrew?

<Michelle> Me too!!

<Catherine> I'll help for sure! LOL

<frostyed sheep> well all have a sleep over

<Liz> yeah

<lauralee> i'll help i'll be your personal body guard

<Meaghan> I could use a vacation...

<Beth> lol much  ;)

<Catherine> PJs party! LOl

<Big Apple Michelle> Can Oprah help sign? :)


<Jung> underwear party?

<ADJ> I love sleep overs, your house or mine, and oh yeah can Oprah


<Kellie> Yes she can


<Lori> What's your family's reaction? has your mum seen the show?

<ADJ> They are all very excited, my mum was worried that I was going

    to be a loser, but I proved her wrong.


<Lori> Do you go online and read the message boards?

<ADJ> I am very busy and am very slow at getting to them, but I am

    going to get better


<Lori> What's your favourite TV. show? favourite TV. personality?

<ADJ> My favorite TV show is Will and Grace. My favorite TV

    personality is Homer Simpson.


<Lori> If you could design a room, what theme would it have?

<ADJ> Art Deco, 1925-1930

<ADJ> Home Depot, never heard of them!


<Lori> What piece have you made for a room and wanted to keep for


<ADJ> The chair that I built for John Bruce for the show that was filmed

    in Burlington, VT recently


<Lori> What's the deal with you kissing Peter's head? is it a British


<ADJ> No, I just can't resist his bald head, ha ha..


<Lori> If you had to be stranded with one of the designers on the show....

<Lori> who and why?

<ADJ> Genevieve (oopps wrong show)


<Lori> favourite alcoholic drink?

<ADJ> i'm having a Michelob Ultra right now, otherwise anything with

    Vodka in it


<Lori> Have you ever been back to Africa after leaving at age 3?

<ADJ> Yes, 14 times


<Lori> Do you still have family in Nigeria?

<ADJ> Yes, I have a large extended family in Nigeria


<Lori> How do you feel about Peter not coming back this season?

<ADJ> I think it is a mistake to drop exteriors from season two, but it is

    not my call, yet.


<Lori> What happened the first time you were recognized in public?

<ADJ> I screamed like a little school girl


<Lori> Who should play you in the movie of your life?

<ADJ> Gary Coleman of course, he is my twin, and boy what an actor


<Lori> What's the coolest perk about celebrity status?

<ADJ> Free upgrades when I fly


<Lori> Anything to say to Andrew?

<Liz> favorite color

<ADJ> black


<Catherine> Can a makeover be done in a building apartment? Or do

    you need a yard to work and set things up?

<ADJ> apartments maybe


<ADJ> Thanks to everybody for taking time out of your evening, I will be

    back soon, and I love you all in a healthy way


<Charity> Luv u Andrew. Ever thought about being your own show

<ADJ> I am my own show, or at least I live in my own world





<Lori> for those just joining in,

<Lori> there will be a transcript from the first 40 minutes


<Lori> What do you think of the sexy cameraman Mark??

<ADJ> I think Mark is a sexy beast and he really knows how to get his

    groove on, ha ha


<Lori> What's the coolest thing that you've bought lately

<ADJ> My iPod, I'm a mac man


<Lori>  Do you have a nickname that the cast has given you?

<ADJ> Yes, but there are children present.


<Lori> favourite dessert?

<ADJ> Kentucky Derby Pie, warmed in the micro and covered in


<Nikki> A man with a sweet tooth (or teeth)

<ADJ> No tooth, I got into a fight this weekend with Leslie

<Nikki> Oh, a new, toothless look--a must-see!

<Teri> Leslie clobbered you huh?


<Lori> quote "I had an unusual last name when I was growing up"

<Lori> "kids teased me"....has that ever happened to you?

<ADJ> With a name like Dan-Jumbo, what do you think?


<Lori> What were you thinking during the reveal of the Mudd deck?

<ADJ> I thought he was living up to his name...  his first name that is

<Brooke> You weren't the only one, BELIEVE me


<Lori> how did you like working with Lavar Arrington?

<ADJ> Lavar is the man, can you believe he's worth over $80 million

    and he is just 24 years old, but he is so down to earth


<Lori> quick questions


<Lori> classic rock or alternative??

<ADJ> Alternative


<Lori> McD or Wendy’s

<ADJ> Quizno's


<Lori> South Park or the Simpsons?

<ADJ> Tough choice, it has got to be the Simpsons


<Lori> Barry White or Barry Manilow?

<ADJ> Barry White, unless I'm at a wedding reception then Manilow is

    my man


<Lori> Chips Ahoy or Oreo's?

<ADJ> Chewy Chips Ahoy, is that an option?


<Lori> Does editing of an episode make more drama out of something

    that didn't really amount to anything in the first place

<ADJ> Yes, sometimes


<Melissa> Do you have a girlfriend?

<ADJ> One in every State Melissa


<someonesangel43> Andrew Colorado woman are the best!

<ADJ> That’s what I have heard # 43


<Lovin Drew> Andrew- I saw you at the home show in MI, does your

    hand hurt?

<Lovin Drew> You had a huge line

<ADJ> i hope you mean from signing autographs Mr Lovin Drew

<Brooke> So Andrew - what's your guilty pleasure?


<Lori> which females are on your list? (celebs)

<ADJ> Charlize Theron


<MWG> Bills or Redskins?

<ADJ> Redskins when I'm on the road, Bills when I'm home

<Jennifer> <gasp> Redskins?! Cowboys all the way!

<ADJ> Cowboys blow!


<Lori> Do you keep in  contact with the crew off set

<ADJ> Yes, fairly frequently


<ADJ> Guess what I'm making a guest appearance on Trading Spaces,

    the show should air in about 5-6 weeks

<MWG> I hope you show the people on trading places how to do the job



<Lori> What do you REALLY think of Chayse Dacoda?

<ADJ> Sometimes Chayse is like fingernails on a chalkboard, but I love

    her still


<ADJ> You guys are phat, thanks for the time, it's always a blast


<ADJ> Just exactly whose angel are you #43?

<someonesangel43> I am your angel

<ADJ> I knew it #43, there was a disturbance in the force


<ADJ> okay, I'm out of beer it's time to go

    peace out.