Bare Be-Hinds
By Sarah Moolla

He’s sexy but he’s shy - so why are we aboout to see more of Ciaran Hinds than ever before?

A million women have udressed him with their eyes, but until now, Irish heart-throb Ciaran Hinds hasn’t done a nude scene. “Never ever,” insists the seriously sexy actor, who’s about to reveal all in a psychological drame, Getting Hurt, on BBC2 on Sunday.

“I’ve always refused to do sex scenes on the grounds that they’re usually gratuitous and because I’m not all that comfortable parading around naked for the cameras,”says Ciaran, 45. “So when I read the script and I realised I’d spend a lot of time undressed, I thought, Oh my goodness - I can’t do that!

“But I could see it was integral to the story and I started to think what have I got to hide?” Getting Hurt is the first of four films in a BBC season called Obsessions. Ciaran plays Charles Cross, a family man and solicitor whose cosy life is about to be shattered by his client, suspected serial killer Edgar Boscoe. When Charles meets Edgar’s wife Viola, played by Amanda Ooms, he’s drawn into a dark world of sexual onbsession and murder.

“Amanda had done lots of nude scenes before so she was quite calm,” Ciaran recalls. “But before we did our first sex scene I was very nervous and jumpy. She was like, “What is your problem” This is our job.” That shamed me into getting on with it. I realised there were worse jobs I could be doing!”

The disappointing news for fans of the green-eyed actor is that he’s been living very happily with his French-born actress partner Hélène in south London for 10 years. They have a six-year-old daughter Aiofe.

So what did Hélène think when Ciaran told her he was about to do the Full Monty? “Only when she was able to stop laughing did she say, “I think you should go to the gym.”” In recent years Ciaran’s gound himself propelled into sex symbol status through portraying a series of classic romantic heroes: brooding Mr Rochester in ITV’s Jane Eyre, dashing Captain Wentworth in the BBC’s Persuasion and ravishing villain Sir Brian DeBois Guilbert in the BBC’s Ivanhoe.

So Belfast-born Ciaran found himself dubbed the “accidental heart-throb”, a tag that’s left him totally baffled.

“For me it was incidental heart-throb, really,” he says. “I got a lot of fanmail. It was very charming but it didn’t change my life.

“Initially I didn’t understand why these strangers would bother writing to tell me how much they liked me but they’ve all stopped now anyway! Besides, I very rarely get recognized, which would be disappointing for a full-time, professional pin-up!”