from Ciaranitis
circa 1997

Ciaran Hinds is the Knight Templar, Sir Brian de Bois-Guilbert, a good man gone bad. He epitomizes all the corrupting influence and the unrestrained power of the Templars.

Ciaran Hinds captivated viewers as Captain Wentworth in the highly acclaimed film Persuasion. Now he is tackling the complex role of the villainous Norman knight, Sir Brian de Bois-Guilbert:

"I havenít seen other versions of "Ivanhoe," but what is great about this [version] is that it has the time to fully develop the story and give the characters the depth they deserve. As soon as you put on the sword you feel a sense of power, which helps because Bois-Guilbert is a very arrogant man," said Hinds. "The interesting thing about Bois-Guilbert is that he is a villain who once had a heart and a soul. And itís the relationship between him and Rebecca that reawakens him. Itís her spark which brings alive the part of him that had been dormant."

Filming Ivanhoe meant spending almost half the year on dramatic outdoor locations throughout the UK. "We have been pretty lucky with the weather over the five months or so of the shoot. It was only when we were on the Northumberland moors that the rain was lashing so heavily that we had to cancel a couple of dayís work."

"It was also freezing inside all the castles in which we filmed. But I managed to avoid catching any chills because I had five layers of clothes on. The worst days were those when we filmed while we were wearing chain mail with the summer sun pouring down. It was so hot that the chain mail stuck to you. And standing around all day in chain mail was also very tiring."

Hinds and the rest of the cast did their own horse riding for Ivanhoe, under the expert eye of trainer Steve Dent. Hinds had a few refresher lessons before filming started: "Luckily I was given a horse named Fury who was a seasoned professional. So it was more like him taking me to my mark. Fury just suffered me, I think."

Hinds next television role will be portraying the troubled landowner Mr. Rochester in the A&E/LWT adaptation of JANE EYRE. "It meant not having a break after Ivanhoe, but it was another great part. My only concern was the responsibility of taking on a role thatís been seen in many television and film versions," remarked Hinds. "Iím taking the risk of being shot down, but I think itís worth the gamble!"

JANE EYRE starring Samantha Morton (JANE AUSTENSí EMMA) in the title role, will make its North American Premiere on A&E during fourth quarter 1997.


Ciaran Hinds co-starred in the Jane Austen classic, Persuasion, as Captain Wentworth, and recently he appeared in Dennis Potterís Cold Lazarus. He has just finished filming Oscar and Lucinda in Australia, and his other film credits include: My Motherís Son, Circle of Friends, December Bride and The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover. His television credits include "Prime Suspect 3," "Soldier, Soldier," "Between The Lines," " Seaforth," and "A Dark Adapted Eye." Trained at RADA, Hinds has been a leading actor with the Glasgow Citizens Company for several seasons. His theater roles include the title role in Webster, Charles in Blithe Spirit and leads in Richard III and The Lady From The Sea.